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Hours to weeks in advance

Prevent intrusion and exfiltration before it starts. Anticipate the attack, don't be a victim.

We truly love bfore.ai PreCrime, they give us the superpower to protect our customers by stopping threats before they start.

Petra C. Chief Information Officer at Volksbank

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Respond before they hit

Use Active Defense to limit and takedown future or ongoing attacks. Remediate brand attacks immediately, stop loosing time & money.

Bfore.Ai is the perfect tool to help any Cyber Threat intelligence team to predict the crime before it happens. Superb detection of threat actor’s attack infrastructure. But besides detection, bfore.ai, provides the tools to fight the crime with mitigation and take downs of the threat actor’s assets

Kobe S. Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Signify

Start remediating

Near-zero false alerts, stop wasting resources

We relentlessy focus on limiting false positives to avoid your team waste time.

Each and every one of these threat blocking events saves a user from being harmed, and we’re pleased to be able to offer the benefits of Bfore.Ai’s predictive threat technology to everyone.

Danielle D. Director of Threat Intelligence for Quad9

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Find More Threats


Find More Threats

Less firefighting.
More prevention.

Because time is a limited resource, and an ongoing attack is already a damage , focus your attention on avoidance, now with PreCrime™ patented technology you can.

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