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Phishing Spoofing Impersonation Hijacking Ransomware Online Fraud Exfiltration

PreCrime™ autonomously predicts, blocks and preempts malicious campaigns bfore they impact your business

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Behavioral analysis, predictive results.

Our cutting-edge AI goes beyond reactive blocklists, predicting dangerous domains before they launch attacks.

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Every organization has unique security challenges. We want to be part of your solution.


Stop phishing scams before they steal trust and billions. BforeAI predicts and shuts down fake domains and social media impersonators, protecting your customers and reputation.


Avoid operational disruptions. BforeAI safeguards critical assets and protects against downtime, ensuring smooth production and customer satisfaction.


Brandjacking and fake promotions cost customers and sales. BforeAI predicts and eliminates online threats, safeguarding brand image and protecting consumer trust.


BforeAI automate remediation quickly and effectively identifying, flaging, and removing malicious content, minimizing the risk of data breaches and reputational damage.

Self-Learning AI

Our AI continuously evolves, requiring less human input while sharpening its accuracy in anomaly detection and risk assessment.

 Brand Protection

Our predictive security solution identifies and takes down online impersonation threats, securing your brand from financial and reputational harm.

Volksbank saved $800k in 15 days

Discover how a leading Italian bank successfully stopped +20 phishing and impersonation attacks with PreCrime Brand.

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