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Drowning in data? Introducing PreCrime Intelligence, the predictive threat intelligence domain list, your pre-emptive shield against tomorrow’s threats. Our cutting-edge AI goes beyond reactive blocklists, predicting dangerous domains before they launch attacks.

Companies leading with predictive cybersecurity

Behavioral analysis,
predictive results.

We map and predict malicious domain patterns through massive datasets, analyzing network metadata and establishing baselines to detect anomalies before they turn into breaches.

threats / day

89 days
ahead of attacks


Self-Learning Intelligence

Our AI continuously evolves, requiring less human input while sharpening its accuracy in anomaly detection and risk assessment.

false positive

TLD coverage

overlap w/ other TI**

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Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2023
Hype Cycle for IT Management Intelligence 2023

Benchmark comparison

Predicting threats with AI

Download our DNS Filter Benchmark Analysis for an insider’s view. Discover why BforeAI dominates with unmatched threat identification, speed, and accuracy.

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