Keeping the machine running

Continue to fulfill customer orders. BforeAI proactively identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats, safeguarding the integrity of their supply chains and ensuring the smooth operation of the manufacturing machine.

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The Problem

Manufacturing companies, where supply chains crisscross nations and continents, are constantly facing the challenge of keeping the production process running smoothly. Malicious domains can infiltrate networks, disrupting production, and causing delays that lead to customer dissatisfaction. 

Each and every one of these threat blocking events saves a user from being harmed

Danielle Deibler, Director of Threat Intelligence for Quad9

The Solution

BforeAI organizations can gain access to real-time blocking of emerging threats, enabling them to preemptively block malicious network traffic before they can cause damage. By pluging into into any protective DNS, SIEM, or SOAR ensures that manufacturing companies can maintain seamless operation.

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Premptive savings,
not reactive cleanup.

Stop counting losses, start counting wins. BforeAI is the future of online brand protection, using AI to predict and eliminate threats before they even emerge saving time, money & your reputation.

< 7 min
threat to quarantine

avg time of takedown


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Discover how a leading Italian bank successfully stopped 20+ phishing and impersonation attacks with PreCrime Brand.

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PreCrime Brand

Security teams proactively protect their brand assets by enabling predictive monitoring, adversary disruption services, and automated infrastructure takedowns.

PreCrime Intelligence

Security teams proactively block malicious network traffic thanks to the first predictive domain threat intelligence feed.

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