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Enhance brand reputation, customer loyalty, and long-term business success. Prove ROI with real-time remediation and predictive identification of malicious threats.

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The Problem

Retail businesses are increasingly adopting cloud, AI and edge computing technologies, expanding the attack surface and increasing the complexity of customer and data security. Often faced with budget constraints that can hinder their ability to cope with overwhelming volumes of alerts and complex reports, making it difficult to prioritize and address critical threats

We reached a crossroads … where the labor costs associated with incident triage response, escalation and analysis was unsustainable

Petra Chiste, Head of Security at Volksbank Italy

The Solution

BforeAI help businesses to demonstrate the tangible ROI. Real-time remediation and predictive identification of malicious threats can provide measurable metrics and insights while protecting customers and avoiding customer trust and loyalty erosion.

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Premptive savings,
not reactive cleanup.

Stop counting losses, start counting wins. BforeAI is the future of online brand protection, using AI to predict and eliminate threats before they even emerge saving time, money & your reputation.

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threat to quarantine

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Learn how Volksbank saved 800k euros in 15 days

Discover how a leading Italian bank successfully stopped 20+ phishing and impersonation attacks with PreCrime Brand.

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PreCrime Brand

Security teams proactively protect their brand assets by enabling predictive monitoring, adversary disruption services, and automated infrastructure takedowns.

PreCrime Intelligence

Security teams proactively block malicious network traffic thanks to the first predictive domain threat intelligence feed.

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