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8th February 2024

Online Brand Impersonation Guide

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About Online Brand Impersonation Guide​

In business today, reputation is everything. Attackers are cleverly conducting impersonation attacks posing as legitimate with the goal of commiting a variety of crimes.  In this guide you will learn how to identify, remediate and build the right toolbox.

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In business today, reputation is everything. Visitors build trust in a brand and have expectations for levels of reliability and security for anything associated with it. Attackers are cleverly conducting impersonation attacks to undermine carefully constructed confidence by posing as legitimate sites to deliver misinformation, install malware, and conduct fraudulent sales.

Account takeover through suppliers​

Impersonation is one of the primary paths to a successfull account take over attack. Stopping impersonation attacks before they become active is the best way to protect your employees and assets.

Phishing emails that originate from similar domains to the corporate domain or vendors and partners don’t always flag as a trick to employees. Instead, they appear to be legitimate, and information or requests contained in the email are assumed to be valid. This attack is so effective that 94% of organizations have observed fraudulent domains used in emails for an attack.

Defend yourself ahead of time

Organizations are not without recourse for protecting themselves against fraudulent sites.  Chasing down impersonation attacks is not a task that is accomplished once, and you can return to business as usual. Squatters will repeatedly return with new spoofed sites and faked domains, attempting to lure in the unsuspecting.

Train your team

Set up automations to spot impersonation activity

Build a toolbox

Go predictive to stop chasing and start preempting

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