Predict and stop brand abuse including

Phishing Spoofing Impersonation Hijacking

Partnered with the best

Digital risk protection starts with
better, faster threat intelligence.


Coverage of global internet traffic with 24/7 monitoring.


Day average from attack projection to actual attack


False positive rate with  70,000 IoA analyzed/day


Minute average time to disrupt attacker infrastructure

Proactive brand protection
powered by predictive AI

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitor your online assets including financial data, web domains, and social media accounts.

Predictive Intelligence

Identify suspicious infrastructure and accurately predict malicious intent such as fakes, frauds, and scams at your expense.

Adversary Disruption

Prevent brand attacks by leveraging adversary disruption partners who will block or reduce access to suspicious domains.

Automated Takedowns

Remove malicious sites at scale with automated takedown requests that enable do-it-for-you takedown services.

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API integrations

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